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We create a strategy and planning to fulfill your digital needs.



We design and develop your interactive fully responsive website and mobile application.



And implement digital marketing solutions to bring your business to the next level.

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Some projects

Omorfy Hair Clinic the Netherlands

Omorfy Hair Clinic

Choose a full head of hair

Being the Best

At Omorfy hair clinic it's all about delivering top quality to the customer. We can appreciate that, that's what we do.

Agro Machinery Holland

Agro Machinery Holland

Used machines for the fresh produce sector

AMH sells used machines and complete processing lines for the fresh produce sector. We've build their website and connected it to their accounting system and multiple selling platforms

Emma Storris, change the world word by word

Emma Storris

Change the World, Word by Word

Whole hearted writer and maker

Emma Storris is a whole hearted writer and maken. For her, we created a website where you can read all about what she does, for whom she does it, and why she does it.

Buiding Bloacks Game, the online Lego Crafting Competition Game

Building Blocks Game

The Online Lego* Crafting Competition Game

Play it with your family and friends

We love to play! Therefore we loved building this website; the largest building block gaming community online. Business Security Image

Everest Tech

Kerry Based Security Company

Keeping an eye on the world protects your home, business or industrial premises against unwanted visitors. These guys do as they say, and that's exactly how we like it.

Hagetisse Wise Woman

Hagetisse Wise Woman

Plant Vademecum, Blogs and more.

Hedgerider shares her knowledge

At the membership site, we created an extensive plant vademecum database with multiple entries so the Hagetisse could share her knowledge with the world.

Peja Africa Image

Peja Africa

Equipment supply and technical integration

Making a difference

For over 30 years, Peja is the partner for the highest standards of equipment supply and technical integration in Africa. Healthcare, Aviation, Maritime, Environmental - versatile, just like us.

Carrierepartners Project Image


Individual coaching in personal & career development

“A process with impact”

Carrièrepartners provide a fresh look and sharpened insights. So that you can continue your work with new energy. An energy that we converted into a fresh and converting website.



Original handcrafted stools for midwives

Original handcrafted stools for midwives

Vroedevrouw (midwife) Yvon offers Baarkrukken to midwives around the globe, making it possible for gravity to lend a hand during childbirth.

Uisce Waterfall
Creating converting websites

Uisce Web Design & Development

The best web design and development for your Killarney business websiteAre you looking for a new website for your Killarney business? We create stunning and creative websites that SELL. Our Killarney web design and web development team is here for you, asking the right questions. What suits your customers? What suits the project? We find out what your business needs and act on that. Whether you need a shop, a community or member website or a business website that will attract your ideal customer, we’re here for you.

We create flexible, responsive experiences that build brands, grow businesses and just make people’s lives better. We know what makes a great website and how to distil the essence of a company and make it visible online. Our websites are fully responsive and ready for any challenge these digital times may pose. And not only that! Uisce takes care of everything: not only your web design, development but also your web hosting.

So, if you want your Killarney web design and web development needs met, do contact us. We’ll make your site look and work great on computer, tablet and phone. E-commerce, secure environments and multilingual, interactive and database driven solutions, it’s all in a day’s work for us. Check out our portfolio for some examples of what we have been up to.

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Some towns in the killarney area that we serve:

  • Killarney
  • Fossa
  • Beaufort
  • Dunloe
  • Aughaleemore
  • Kilcummin
  • Rooska
  • Barraduff
  • Glenflesk
  • Faughbane
  • Kilgarvan
  • Kenmare
  • Killorglin

Usefull addresses for the killarney area

Kerry Local Enterprise Offices
Kerry County Council Local Enterprise Office is based in County Buildings in Tralee but provides a service across the county. This office is an essential resource for the small business sector in County Kerry. Our role is to support start up and growing businesses. Our office has a business training and financial support capacity.
Radio Kerry
Local info and news radio station and website
Killarney Chamber of Commerce
Killarney Chamber of Commerce is a chamber of commerce located in the city of Killarney in the country of Ireland.
KerrySciTech is a not-for-profit member organisation showcasing the Kerry region as science, technology and engineering hotspot for talent, jobs and investment.

Vehicle charging points in the killarney area

Zoom in on your charging point of choice and click map pointer for details. Use search (upper right corner of the map) to look for charging point in other areas.

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#ireland #dublin #kinsale #killarney #ringofkerry #dingle #doolin #galway #aranislands #clifden #sligo #onlocation #worldtraveler #derry #derrygirls #belfast #newgrange #irishroots #writer #artist #travelingartist #dermotkennedy #overlandadventures

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you have my new website up and running within a month?

    Yes, probably, but to be honest it totally depends on what kind of website you want, whether you already have the content, and the time you need to reply to our questions. Also, when your website has a lot of custom work (i.e. when you'r building an online application), it typically takes a bit more time.
  • Could someone come over to our office in killarney and join our project team?

    Sure, we love to work with your team on a project. You can read more about working with a dedicated WordPress Developer here
  • I don't have any content yet. Can you already start building my website?

    Yes, we can start building your website right away. We just use dummy content that we later replace with real content.
  • What colours can I use best for my website?

    Which colours (and fonts) you can best use for your website depends on many things. Good use of color ensures that your website converts better. You can read all about it in our blog
  • Can you help me getting my business in killarney get found?