Summer Offer – Web Starter Pack from: € 799,– (ex VAT)

Is your business not on the internet? Is your website outdated? Or would you just like to have it overhauled completely? This summer, Uisce makes you a basic website offer you can’t resist! You can temporarily get our web starter pack offer from the really good price of only € 799,–, including a .eu .com or .nl domain and a year’s hosting. This offer contains a complete basic website, consisting of:

> a homepage
> a products or services page or section
> an about page or section
> a contact page or section

A basic website offer that is fully responsive and has SSL and SEO

So from € 799, — you have a starter website that offers your audience all they need to know about you. And it will even be fully responsive. That means your customer can use your internetsite on any device. It will look great on a computer screen, but also on a tablet and on a smartphone. Not only that. Your web starter pack website will have basic SSL and SEO, so it will be completely up to current internet user demands.

Et voila! You have a great internetsite…

All you have to do is hand over all files to do with your corporate identity, like logo, motto, colourscheme (etcetera, etcetera) in usable formats, and your images and content for your website. If you do not have these at the moment, we offer add-ons and can do it for you. Next, you give us an idea of the kind of site you’d like to have and we’ll make a first design to your specifications. Then you give us your input on the first design and from that we’ll create the actual website.

Contact us today

Why wait? Offers like this don’t come along every day, so contact us today. We will send you the product sheet, which contains all the information you need, and make an appointment to discuss what you are looking for. This first meeting is for free, of course.