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In a webshop or web store you sell products, just like in a regular store. In the past, an online store was often an extension of a physical shop or business website. Nowadays, you see more and more webshops that have purely been set up to sell goods, and sometimes services, online without there still being a store that you can visit.

A good webshop is more than an online conduit for products. It delivers an personal and  pleasant shopping experience to the customer. To achieve this, having the right look and feel and functionality – the UX and UI – to address your ideal customer is a must. After all, you want to ensure that your customer feels seen and understood and likes to shop at and return to your webshop. We take care of this by means of optimal design, interface and user convenience.

What can you find in a webshop

A webshop contains at least the following functionality:

  • a shop entrance, the homepage
  • product pages
  • order option or shopping cart
  • payment option or check out

Optionally you can offer your customer the option to create an account. This allows the customer, for example:

  • view the status of his/her order
  • reorder easily
  • arrange returns
  • change address and related data

Furthermore, at a bona fide online shop you will find information about the company behind the shop, contact details,terms and conditions and cookie and privacy policies. Of course, social media and/or share buttons shouldn’t be left out.

Address your target audience

As said, if you want to sell, you need more than a technically well-functioning shop. You will have to address your target audience. In order to do that, you will first have to determine who your target audience is. When it comes to online sales, addressing and connecting to your ideal customer is an art. If you’d like some pointers on this subject, by all means, read our blogs:

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