Get what you want by choosing the right colours for your website.

Choosing the right colours for your website is of great importance. The psychological effect of a colour determines whether a visitor’s values and needs match those of your business. A colour can, for example, express that you’re  a trustworthy and stabile business partner or that you’re concerned about the environment.  As such, each colour is attached to multiple emotions and you can make that work for you.

Know who you are and what you stand for, so you succeed in choosing the right colours for your website

If you want to make your business a success, you better know what you stand for. What are your principles? Who are you?  These basic questions are amongst the toughest to answer after actually deciding to start your business. For your potential customers, flooded with information and stimuli, these are the ones that determine whether they choose your product or service or go for something comparable from a competitor.

For example, two companies in your country design, sell and produce skateboards. One communicates values like ‘local’, ‘environment’ and ‘sustainability’ and the other expresses values like ‘design’ and ‘high end technology’. Both sell boards that are of good quality, look good and are in the same price range, exactly like it is when you go to a shop or buy online.

Green for harmony and nature

The first company should choose a green related colour scheme. Green is the colour of harmony, nature, life and health. In design green can have a balancing and harmonising effect.

Blue for professionalism

For the second company it might be more difficult. I would probably go for a blue-ish scheme that stands for professionalism. Supported with the right images and styling that’ll give the website a techie look.

Picking a scheme.

Online there are lots of great tools that will help you pick a good colour scheme. I personally use  Flat UI colors 2 to pick colours for a flat design, which is a design without depth. I also like Colorhunt, because of the  beautiful palettes made by its users using their Palette Creator. Another handy tool is 0to255. This tools helps you find other shades or variations of a colour that you’re already using.

Need help?

Choosing the right colours that fit your values and help you achieve your goals is one of the most complicated areas of user interface design. In the future I will write more on this subject. If you have any questions, or need a design that fits your needs, contact Uisce Web Design, Development and More. We’re glad to help.