Uisce websites:  from reaching your audience to connecting with your customer

With an Uisce website, your business goes beyond reaching your audience.Our sites enable you to connect with your customers.What we mean by that?We’ll explain in this blog.

No doubt you’ve, over time, been approached by countless companies and marketing gurus who wanted to tell you how to reach your audience.

We ourselves have already shared how you can use SEO to be found by search engines. But in our opinion it’s even more important to, once you have your customers on your site, make sure they’ll stay there and come back again. That is why we have specialised in connecting our customers with their audience.

Reaching, captivating, serving

A successful sales process knows 3 steps. First of all, you have to reach your intended customer. Today, even when you have an offline company, this largely happens online. For an online business, this is, of course, even more important. However, it doesn’t end with reaching your audience. To use an analogy from the offline world: people lingering in front of your shop window, looking at it for a few minutes and leaving are not what you are looking for. You want them to come in. In fact, once inside, you want to be able to address them and help them find a suitable purchase. Step 2 of the process is therefore captivating your customers while step 3 is serving them.

An essential part of both step 2 and step 3 is connecting to your audience. And that aspect what makes Uisce websites so effective. Uisce builds websites where connection with your customer is key. We ensure that you can make real contact with your audience. This can be done in various ways, from 1 on 1 contact to building a whole community around your product or service.

Real contact with your online customer

For example, we can include functionality on your business website which enables you to maintain live contact with your customer, both actively and passively.Your customer could, for instance, chat with you with 1 click on a button or – the active variant – you can spot visits to your site from behind your desk and approach your potential customers to ask if you can help them with anything.Another nice way to let your customer know what you can do for them, is using an interactive wizard.

This type of functionality also works great in an e-shop.

Letting your customer figure things out for themselves online is just as much a missed opportunity as patiently watching people take a look at your shop window and then see them walking on again. The above options have the same effect as actively guiding your customer in through an open door and, once inside, helping them in the search for their ideal purchase.

Making your audience your most important ambassadors

Do you have something really special to sell or tell? In that case, we can have more exciting feature up our sleeves. Uisce builds online communities and membership sites for organisations and companies that want to create an experience around their product and/or service. These sites are also work extremely suitable for larger organisations looking to forge their own staff into a tight-knit team. With a community or member website you create the ‘we’ feeling. By using this for your product or service, you turn your customers into your most important ambassadors.

Technically, websites like that are, of course, a lot more complicated than regular ones. But don’t worry, you have us to take care of that! Uisce sets up everything as intuitively as possible and ensures that the look and feel on the backend works just as well as it does on the frontend. You’ll get more tools, but they’ll be just as easy to use as a WordPress website with less functionality. All you have to do is provide the content and make your audience feel at home. We take care of the rest.

Want to know more? Contact us to check out the possibilities…