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A community website or community site is intended to facilitate a defined group of people with a common interest or goal. The main characteristic of a community site is that it’s a website with members. Everything revolves around the members, who actually create the content of the website.

A community based website can be an excellent investment for a company as well. Think of larger companies who want to forge their employees into a close-knit team this way. Or a company of any size that wants to create a real sense of connectedness for their customers. Read more about it in the last paragraph of this blog.

Uisce is a specialist in community websites

On a community website you will often find a selection of the following components:

  • starting point where you can find an overview of the functionality, i.e. the homepage
  • member profile pages
  • forum or forums
  • bulletin board
  • blogs
  • activity calendar, or the events calendar
  • chat functionality
  • meeting functionality

At the back of the site you’ll find some administrative and moderation functionality. This part mainly deals with questions such as: who is a member, who is allowed what and where? Can someone just post a blog or should a moderator look at it first? Those kind of things. In case of a paid membership, there may even be financial administration involved.

Uisce Web Development has created a number of large community websites in the past. We’ve built practically every necessary functionality and know what works and what doesn’t. That is why we’re the experts to turn to about the many possibilities and the dos and don’ts of these kind of sites.

Big plans? Contact us now and we’ll sink our teeth in together.