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A membership website or membership site is a website on which part of the content is restricted. Certain information is only visible to members with a specific membership. The type of information offered to members is very diverse. Examples are technically specialised content or classified information. Or, for instance, extra services which are not available on the freely accessible part of the site.

At membership sites, members often pay for their membership. This can be a minimal amount to cover costs. A membership website can also be part of a full-blown revenue model. You can even choose to offer free memberships, in exchange for the data you collect. Facebook uses this model.

Are you an expert?

Do you have a lot of knowledge in a certain area and do you publish about it a lot? In that case, setting up a membership website can be a good way to share and capitalise on your knowledge. We created a website for our client where a lot of content is publicly available, but certain parts of its blogs and the plant vademecum are not. For example, you can freely access general information about the plants in the vademecum, but the more specialised information remains shielded. Should you want to know which parts of a plant are edible and when, you will have to log in.

In short, a membership website or membership site can be an interesting way of generating passive income. Curious about how we can help you share your knowledge? Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.