Custom codes

custom codes

Custom codes
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At Uisce, we ask the right questions when it comes to web design and web development. What suits our customers? What suits the project? We find out what your business needs and act on that. And not only that! We build custom coded websites. Many other website developers are dependant on page builders like Elementor, WPBakery and Divi. While we are happy enough to use these when it suits our client, we can also program your website from scratch. One of the advantages of this is that, while page builders have their limitations when it comes to functionality, with us the sky is literally the limit. We can create anything, we can integrate anything.

The best websites have a need for speed

Another huge advantage is that a custom coded website is usually much faster than a site that was made using a page builder. That only makes sense. We only include code that is necessary for your website, while a page builder needs to include a lot of code for design that will never be used for your website. And a fast website has a lot of pros.

One of these pros is that it adds to your SEO score. So it will rank higher in search engines than websites that are weighted down by page builders. Another is that you are more likely to hold your visitors captive. Research tells us that you only have seconds to get your audience’s attention. So, if your website loses precious time loading content, your visitors might end up clicking away.

In short, Uisce can create custom coded websites or applications for you which not only enables you to offer special functionality, but also makes sure you keep your visitors’ attention. Interested? Do get in touch to talk about the possibilities. No strings attached!